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31 December 2020

This 2021 we started with a lot of learning and eager to put into practice what we learned during this period…

It is not necessary to mention the obstacles and challenges that we have all had to overcome in 2020, a year that, although it was very hard and had many losses (invaluable losses such as those of our loved ones), also strengthened us, made us more empathetic and it influenced us spending more time with our families, a year in which many discovered new skills and others took up old hobbies that turned into businesses that have now become one of their main sources of income.

Tourism was one of the most affected sectors, we saw how little by little we struggled to survive until we started operating again, some agencies diversified our services, others were digitized, but most importantly, we worked to make our services safer for you.
We have given more strength to sustainability in all its areas, we are in continuous work to continue developing tourism within our country in a sustainable way, taking into account that this sector is an economic multiplier in its various destinations, it seeks equality and social integration  among its inhabitants and visitors and is one of the important actors in the care of natural spaces, since tourism companies are those that teach their visitors how to care for and respect our natural resources and our culture.

This 2021 we started with a lot of learning and eager to put into practice what we learned during this period, little by little we are restarting our services in the different destinations and tourist attractions, we also see with great pleasure other sectors that little by little are returning to work with which many families could recover their sources of economic income.

We hope that for you this new year comes with many joys and successes, from our side we will always be wishing you the best in your projects, plans and above all, trips.

The Peruvian Shades family wishes you a happy and prosperous new year!


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