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15 March 2022

We are in a new normality, which comes with some limitations

For some time now, activities have been normalizing in Peru, since the mandatory confinement due to Covid 19, and little by little more people have been able to make the trips that had been postponed and others have been able to make new reservations because they need to go out and escape from the routine, the home office, the traffic and many other things.

We are in a new normality, which comes with some limitations such as the use of masks, presenting the vaccination card in the establishments that we go to, and the use of alcohol in our hands to be able to disinfect.

Since there are many changes in the protocols, we bring you the latest changes as established in Supreme Decree No. 016-2022-PCM, from February 28 to April 1, 2022, you should know so that you can travel throughout Peru with greater quiet and trouble free.

1. Use of masks: The current norm tells us that we must use 2 surgical masks with 3 folds or 1 KN95, both to mobilize in the streets and to enter different premises, in the case of restaurants, we can only remove the mask when consume food and/or drinks.

2. Vaccination card: in Peru the norm indicates that for people over 12 years of age to enter a place where people are crowded (shopping centers, galleries, supermarkets, markets, restaurants, etc.), they must present the vaccination card with the full dose, in the case of people over 39 years of age, it is requested that they have a third dose and in the case of going to coliseums or sports stadiums, the third dose is requested from the age of 18. In Peru, many vaccination centers were installed, both for vehicular and pedestrian entry, where they will provide you with a card with your data and injected dose, you can also download your electronic vaccination card here.

3. Personal distancing: the protocol tells us that we must maintain a distance of at least one meter between people both in premises, open spaces and/or stadiums and sports centers.

4. Hand washing: people are encouraged to wash their hands constantly to avoid contact with any surface that may be infected with a virus or bacteria, in many shopping centers, supermarkets and stores they have gel alcohol stations so that the public can make use of these and can disinfect their hands.

5. To enter Peru: All passengers who want to enter Peru, in addition to the necessary documentation, must present their vaccination card with complete vaccination for all persons over 12 years of age, or otherwise, a PCR test no older than 48 hours before boarding.

6. To travel in Peru: In the case of national air or land transportation, those over 12 years of age must have their full doses and those over 40 years of age must have the booster dose, otherwise they must present a PCR test no more than 48 hours before boarding.

We have come a long way since 2020 when we had to stay in our homes without being able to go out or carry out our daily activities, with these basic protocols many people were saved, others became infected and reached a critical state and many others did not survive, With the arrival of the vaccines, the mortality of the disease has decreased and we are in a phase in which we can carry out our normal activities, only this time using the masks, we hope that very soon we will be able to leave the masks behind and enjoy the breeze playing our skin, see people smile and hear others clearly.

The Peruvian Shades Team.


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