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01 December 2021

Let us remember the path traveled, but always looking to the future, with our feet on the ground, advancing steadily.

We start the month of December, a magical month for many people, a month in which love and family unity are revalued, it is the last month of the year in which we will be able to evaluate how little or how much we have advanced, what we have changed and the goals proposed for the year 2022.

After a 2020 full of uncertainty and fear, we were able to start resuming our lives in 2021, the vaccines that have saved many lives arrived, we began to reactivate businesses that suffered a lot during quarantine, but thanks to everyone’s work we were able to recover.

We can see that a large part of the people continues to maintain biosafty protocols in addition to being vaccinated, this has allowed families to go out again and take a break from the 4 walls where we were confined, we see the future with different eyes, and many of us focus on strengthening family ties.

We are pleased to see that families, couples and friends have resumed their travels, always taking care of the protocols and maintaining the distances that prevent the further spread of this virus that caused so much damage, let us remember that there is still a long way to go that is why it is It is very important to continue with the biosafety protocols and continue with the use of masks, the time will come when we can leave all that behind and enjoy life as we did before.

We are already on the count down to the end of the year, there are many factors at a macro level that are worrying and relevant to everyone’s activities, we have not yet emerged from the pandemic and we still have to take care of ourselves and our loved ones.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, this is a month to take stock of what we have advanced, changed or to make an analysis of what we must do to continue growing, it is a month in which we must revalue family love and set goals so that next year we can share more with them, create lasting memories and that the little ones grow up in a positive and trusting environment. Let us remember the path traveled, but always looking to the future, with our feet on the ground, advancing steadily.

We wish you all a great closing of the year and remember that with Peruvian Shades you will always have a World of Wonders to Discover!

The Peruvian Shades Team

PS: Leave in the comments what tourism topics you would like us to cover or what excursions or travel packages you would like us to include for next year.


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