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About Us

About us
We are a tour operator that offers tourist services within the Peruvian territory since 2011, sharing our culture and history, and providing unforgettable experiences to our passengers who take a little piece of us to their homes. Day by day we work hard and create experiences that meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, through our operational capacity and efficiency we transmit the love for our culture and country.

What is our purpose?
To be recognized as one of the most trusted tour operators, sharing our culture and caring for the legacy of our history.

Why choose us?

  • We are part of the National Directory of Qualified Tourist Service Providers of Mincetur (Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism).
  • Fast and safe way to reserve and pay for the selected services on our platform.
  • Qualified staff at your service.
  • Experience, efficiency and operational capacity lead us to make assertive decisions in the services we offer.
  • Our platform services are focused and inspired by various passenger profiles, we empathize and try to reach them in each service offered.
  • Our specialty is the assembly of personalized tourist packages (subject to sending a request / quote) so that your experience is unique and to your liking.
  • We care and work so that the well-being of our passengers is satisfactory during their stay in Peru.
  • The love for our culture leads us to create unforgettable experiences, managing to exceed the expectations of our passengers.
  • All of our staff and collaborators share our corporate culture and passion for tourism.
  • 24 hours of operation to attend to any doubt, urgency or emergency that the passenger may have.

What values does it represent us?
As a company we identify with a large number of values, so we will mention the ones that stand out the most in our daily activities:

  • Punctuality: We know that the time of our passengers is usually short in our country so they want to know as much as they can during their stay, that is why we always try to be before the agreed time to pick up each passenger and be able to comply with the established itinerary without setbacks, we know that punctuality for many of those who visit us is very important, that is why it is one of our highest priorities.
  • Honesty and transparency: our products are services that can only be consumed at the time of the tour, that is why all the information provided in our reservations is truthful and transparent, and the passenger can be sure that everything offered will be provided. , Our greatest support is our tourists who have already taken their services with us and the retail agencies with which we work.
  • Empathy: we know that being in a country different than yours can be a bit difficult and create uncertainty about your experience here, that is why our staff is always ready to help each of our passengers and put ourselves in their place to understand what it is what they want to do and visit.
  • Trust: We maintain constant communication with passengers before the day we meet to take them to perform their services, we always send them the valid payment vouchers in Peru, in addition to the electronic copy of their transportation tickets and entrance tickets to tourist attractions, with codes generated by the providers themselves and which can be verified by themselves.
  • Integrity: we count on all our staff and suppliers to abide by current regulations and comply with everything requested by Peruvian laws, we know that they will not accept payments other than those they receive for their service to carry out illicit acts and will treat each and every one of passengers with respect.

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