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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Peruvian Shades?

We are a tour operator that offers tourist packages and excursions in Peruvian territory.

What services do you offer?

We offer tourist packages and excursions in Peruvian territory.

How can I pay? What means of payment do you offer?

We have a payment gateway so that you can make your purchases directly from the page safely and quickly. For additional services that are not published we offer the payment links of Visa, Mastercard and American Express, we also give you the option of bank transfer to our checking account.

What type of document do I need to bring before going on the excursions?

In order to carry out the excursions, it is mandatory to carry in case of Peruvians and residents their DNI or Alien Card and in case of foreigners their original passport.

Do you have other excursions or tour packages apart from those published?

Yes, we have several options that may be to your liking, likewise you can make a personalized quote according to your preferences.

Do you offer private tours?

Yes, if you require a private or personalized service, you should contact us through the contact link or write us directly to our email or WhatsApp.

Do you offer adventure tours?

Yes, we have some published adventure packages and others like Inca Trail to consult through our email or WhatsApp since it has limited spaces.

Is it necessary to print the reservation voucher to present it at the time of starting the tours?

It is not necessary, but we suggest having it on your cell phone since there is important information such as the itinerary with approximate hours, emergency phone numbers, operations, directions, among others.

Do the indicated rates include the costs of entrance tickets to tourist attractions?

Yes, our excursions and tourist packages include entrance tickets to the tourist attractions mentioned in the service detail.

Can I reserve for someone else?

Yes, but the person must be aware of the reservation and confirmation procedure, as well as the passenger’s data must be entered correctly.

Are online payments safe?

Yes, online payment is 100% secure, we work with the pay-me payment gateway which has one of the highest security and encryption standards, in addition our page has SSL certificates. We will never access or store your credit or debit card details.

I think I have made the payment, but I do not receive the confirmation email?

It is possible that the payment has not been made correctly, if so, you will have to go through the reservation and payment procedure again. In case the amount has been charged to your card, there may be an error in your email address, another reason is that it may have reached your spam mailbox. In any case, you can contact us and we will gladly help you.

Can I book and pay when I arrive at the destination?

No, any reservation to be generated in our platform must be paid respecting the minimum time conditions to make the reservation indicated in each service.

How long does it take for my purchase confirmation email to arrive?

Mail must reach out immediately after payment is made successfully. In case you have not received it, please check your spam box and if you cannot find it, contact us so we can help you.

Can I change my travel dates once the reservation is paid?

Yes, but it must be requested through our email or WhatsApp in order to evaluate it, check availability and provide alternatives.

I made a mistake when sending my data or those of my travel companions, can I change it?

Yes, you will have to request the change by sending the correct data, we will verify if there is any extra charge from our operators such as trains, buses, etc. and we will inform you if there would be anything to pay.

Can I book with you when I arrive at the destination?

No, all reservations are made from our platform or other purchase channels such as our email or WhatsApp.

Do I have a discount if I book several services online?

No, but you can find some services with promotional rates depending on the season.

Is there a discount if we are a group?

Depending on the amount, you could contact us directly to evaluate if we can provide you with a discount code or a special quote.

Are there discounts or special rates for low seasons?

Yes, we publish promotions on our platform according to the season.

How can I see the availability of excursions and packages?

Each excursion and tourist package has a calendar at the time of booking, by selecting the preferred date you can see the availability of the service.

Can I choose times and dates outside the one offered for excursions and packages?

This type of service is normally only provided in a private or personalized service, if you wish you can contact us by email at or WhatsApp and we will send you customized options.

In what languages are excursions and packages offered?

In Spanish and/or English. Another language please contact us at the email or WhatsApp to help you or provide options.

My schedules do not coincide with the dates available for the excursions, can I request them on a day not marked on the calendar?

No, the days are made on the days available in the calendar, if you want a tour package or excursion on unavailable dates; contact us to send you the options.

Can I pay for an excursion or package without choosing the dates?

No, in order to make the payment you must select the date you want to make the excursion or the tourist package.

How long before should I make the reservation of excursions and tourist packages?

Each excursion and tourist package has a purchase limit time; in the detail of the service the anticipation time of purchase is indicated.

Can I add excursions to published packages?

Yes, once your purchase is made, contact us through our email or WhatsApp to help you with the services or excursions you want to add.

Can I cancel my reservations?

Yes, please review our reservation and cancellation terms published on our platform.

In case of No Show, will my money be refunded?

There is no refund in case of no-show for the excursion or service, because your space is reserved and sold.

What happens in bad weather?

All excursions are subject to weather conditions and in case of bad weather, the departures are usually extended and depending on the intensity of the weather factor they could be canceled and / or changed for another service.

How can I contact you?

You can write to our email or send us a WhatsApp; you can also find us at the numbers +511 3705259 and 996282378 that way our advisers will respond as soon as possible.

Is my personal data protected?

Yes, we comply with all regulations and we take great care of the personal data of our clients, for more information you can review our privacy policies.

Where can I read your Terms and Conditions?

You can find them at the bottom of our website.

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