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07 July 2021

This month has an additional importance for us, this July 10 we celebrate 10 years working to exceed your expectations and create unique experiences for you

We started the month of July, a very exciting month for us, with many expectations, uncertainty and a lot of desire to work, this month we celebrate 200 years of our independence, 200 years since we were able to take charge of our own history, many things have happened within these 2 centuries, events that marked our history and the vision that the world has of us, we position ourselves with a strong Country Brand, highlighting our culture, customs, products and more, we have passed and overcome very difficult moments of terror and fear, we learned to revalue our history and customs and we continue to learn to work as a single team, with a single purpose, that we grow and develop together from the most hidden locality of our country to the largest cities, we still have to learn to include to all Peruvians within the development plans to reach sustainability that will make us take the great leap to be a country of equality, development and opportunities.

Since last year we have been facing a pandemic, from which little by little we see the light at the end of the tunnel, many challenges still await us to face and overcome, it is a year of uncertainty with political changes, we still do not know what awaits us, but we are confident that together we will move forward, maybe we needed that drop that overflows the glass to reset our policy and be more aware of abandonment that many people suffered and now demand attention, maybe it’s time to unite as a people and help each other to move us forward.

This month has an additional importance for us, this July 10 we celebrate 10 years working to exceed your expectations and create unique experiences for you, 10 years of growth, adapting to changes, technology and trends in the sector, in these 10 years we seek the inclusion of native peoples so that they share their culture with our visitors and generate income that allows them to live according to their customs, improving their lifestyle. During the quarantine we took the first important technological leap, we created our website with a booking engine so that you can make your own reservations 24 hours a day, we have made our payment gateway and payment links available to you, so that wherever you are, you can book with total comfort and security.

The world will continue to change, and we will continue to adapt, always following the Sustainable Development goals promoted by the United Nations, we will continue to share our culture with the world and traveling a World of Wonders to Discover!

We start a new year, ready for you to enjoy our Peru!

Happy Patriotic month! Happy Bicentennial! Happy Anniversary!

Peruvian Shades


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